Insight in costs of mobility within Excel

E-Maps Mobility is the new extension of Excel E-Maps. Get insights in the mobility of our workforce. In a few clicks, E-Maps Mobility calculates the travel distance and travel time for public, private transport or pedestrian.


  • based on Here/Navteq technology, always up-to-date
  • routes are calculated based on address or postal codes
  • locations can be viewed on the maps and used for presentations
  • software license for 1 year, inclusive 250.000 transactions

Typical use:

  • learn about travel with public transport or car
  • declaration of travel costs
  • suitable for HR departments

Timeframe for travel


  • just a few cents per calculation
  • accurate results
  • works with Excel 2007/2010 en 2013
  • public transport travel based on departure or arrival

Public Transport travel times are based on standard time tables. Travel time by car does not include extra travel time due to congestion or rush hours.