Global Daytime Population Index

What is Global Daytime Population Density? Global Daytime Population Density gives information about the size of population that is present in a given area during the day The population within an area is defined by official statistics as the number of residents being registered in that area. This refers to nighttime population, consisting of permanent […]

Consumer Styles

Global Consumer Styles for market segmentation and determination of target groups The data we are offering  you is innovative for market segmentation and determination of target groups. Fundamentally new, is the segmentation approach with 10 internationally comparable consumer styles. Consumer Styles are currently available for 51 countries in five continents and are globally consistent and comparable. […]

purchasing power

Purchasing power

The importance of having insight on purchasing power Purchasing power provides insight into customer behavior. Analyzing data from a larger population is very important and interesting for entrepreneurs. Due to the increasing competition in the retail market, it is important as a company to analyze data about the consumer. It is interesting to look at […]


E-Maps Mobility

Insight in cost of mobility within Excel E-Maps Mobility is the new extension of Excel E-Maps. Get insights in the mobility of your workforce. In a few clicks, E-Maps Mobility calculates the travel time and distance for public transport, private transport or as pedestrian. Features: based on Here/Navteq technology, always up-to-date routing network routes are calculated […]

RouteFinder for MapInfo

RouteFinder is the MapInfo add-on to calculate routes and create catchment areas. Main features: • Calculate the route from one point to another, with any number of via points • Use dynamic segmentation in the routing • Create isochrones from one or more points at a time (for analysis of location of facilities) • Create distance […]


Data enrichment with Geo information Data enrichment with geo information such as coordinates and travel times offers so much more inside information. First Element offers geocoding services where we determine the coordinates of your addresses and, if desired, add more data to it. Three examples An international retail organisation had collected half a million customer data in […]


CRESTA stands for Catastrophe Risk Evaluation and Standardizing Target Accumulations and is the global standard to analyse natural risks and hazards, like earthquakes, storms and floods, as well as terror attacks. CRESTA was founded as a joint project of a few major insurance companies with the aim of establishing a globally uniform system for the accumulation […]


Maps & Data There is a large variety of digital maps and (socio) demographic data available. First Element is partner of the world leading maps and data supplier to deliver the best quality and with the best coverage. For specific countires or data request, we have contact with local suppliers. Otherwise, we will find them. Ask […]

Geo Added Value

Geo Added Value First Element provides you the Geo Added Value.We enable companies to get the geographic insight in the company, business, customers and markets with practical software solutions and consultancy. We call this Geo Added Value. Geographical analyses The visualisation of data on a map and small geographical analyses can already be produced in […]


Worldwide geodata

Find the right geodata for countries worldwide through our new interactive worldmap Purchasing power Socio demographics Population en demographics Unemployment data We have sample data in MapInfo and Shape format available for download. Contact Erik van Hunnik or Rena Braams for more information or leave your name at our contactform.