Analysts working with MapInfo Professional expert software can easily add extra functionalities to their existing MapInfo work environment. One of the add-ons delivered is the MapInfo Drivetime Module.

With this module, routing distances & catchment areas can be calculated, based on the routing network in different countries worldwide.

MapInfo Drivetime is the leading solution for organizations that need to understand, analyse and visualize catchments around existing or new locations to support planning decisions, deliver improved services or maintain competitive advantage. If you are analysing possible locations for a new store or distribution centre, planning a new housing estate or wondering why a branch is underperforming, Drivetime will help you find the answers.

Use Drivetime to:

  • Create drive time catchment boundaries.
  • Reduce transport costs.
  • Find the shortest or quickest route, door-to-door.
  • Calculate delivery times.
  • Understand what distance your best customers are prepared to travel to reach your store.
  • Model and improve response times for your on-the-move services.
  • Create maps of the fastest, most efficient route networks.

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