Vertical Mapper

Vertical Mapper is a spatial mapping data tool that helps you display, manage and interpret grid-based continuous spatial information. Vertical Mapper is an add-on module to MapInfo Professional.

Use Vertical Mapper to:

  • Create 3D topographical maps to better understand how developments such as industrial parks or landfills will impact surrounding neighbours.
  • Leverage gravity model techniques to understand how a new store or office location may cannibalise existing establishments.
  • Compare coverage maps to forecast and model network capacity, such as channel, frequency use and bandwidth utilisation for communications firms.
  • Generate soil chemistry maps from samples for natural resource exploration.
  • Relate elevation from a terrain model to a set of households or buildings in an insurance company to understand portfolio risks from flooding.
  • Correlate several large data sets spatially such as average household income or cell phone signal strength and population density.

For more information, please check out theĀ Vertical Mapper Brochure.