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MapInfo Pro

What is MapInfo Pro?

MapInfo pro is a desktop software (GIS, geographic information system) that is used for mapping and location analysis. Users visualize, analyze, edit, interpret and understand their data. The outcome shows relationships, patterns and trends. MapInfo allows users to explore spatial data within a dataset, symbolize features, and create maps. Watch the video to get intoduced to MapInfo Pro. First Element supports MapInfo Pro as well by giving training to customers. Read below for more information and about the different versions.

New: MapInfo Pro™ 17

MapInfo Pro 17This new version is stronger, smarter and it simplifies GIS. With this version, image quality can be improved with help of Pitney Bowes web services for driving times and geocoding. For the expert, the advanced screening options are available and there is an improvement of alignment with the aid of smart help lines. This version is (for the time being) in English and a 64-bit version.

Read more about or download MapInfo Pro 17 in the webshop of First Element.

MapInfo Pro™ 16

MapInfo Pro bij First Element

The newest version of MapInfo Pro 64-bit (English) is available in the webshop of First Element. There will be another release (NL) mid 2017. With the new interface of MapInfo Pro, users can make interactive thematic maps. The software is now more user friendly and working with it becomes easier. Version 16 gives a lot more opportunities, like:

  • New interactive interface for thematic mapping;
  • On demand access to global geocoding included;
  • Improved support for OGC standards, including WMTS;
  • Faster, more intuitive Layout Designer.
MapInfo Pro™ 15.2


As a powerful 64-bit application with optional raster grid analysis capabilities, the world’s premier desktop mapping application lets you create, analyze and share spatial information like never before. Experience the latest releases and take GIS to new places.


MapInfo Pro™ 15.2


Enhancements to the Layout Designer make it easier and quicker than ever before to create great looking maps. The convenience of touch screen and a number of performance improvements accelerate productivity whilst support for larger file sizes and multi-lingual (Unicode) datasets improve data access. Improved integration with the Pitney Bowes Location Intelligence Suite provides seamless access to precise global geocoding services.

MapInfo Pro™ Advanced v15.2


MapInfo Pro™ Advanced v15.2 builds on MapInfo Pro™ v15.2 introducing a highly performant raster grid analysis solution, featuring an innovative grid data format called Multi-Resolution Raster (MRR). It enables the super-fast processing, visualization and analysis of high resolution grid and image data; providing a step change in performance and usability even when working at a continental or global scale. And through its integration within the Pitney Bowes Location Intelligence Suite, the resulting analysis can be shared via map visualization powered by Spectrum Spatial, applications built using MapXtreme or OEM partner technology using the MapInfo Pro SDK.


Touch-screen convenience

With new support for touch-screen tablets, it’s easier than ever to use MapInfo Pro™ for efficient mobile working


Enhanced productivity

Create and improve cartographic output fast, courtesy of an enhanced layout designer. Faster processing due to various performance improvements and a full 64-bit application


Improved integration

Gain seamless access to precise global geocoding services via out of the box integration with the Pitney Bowes Location Intelligence Suite


Extraordinary raster grid performance

Super-fast processing, visualization and analysis of high resolution grid data on a global scale with the Multi-Resolution Raster technology of MapInfo Pro™ Advanced.


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 Since 2015 the name MapInfo Professional has been changed into MapInfo Pro.
 MapInfo Pro




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