MapXtreme.NET is Precisely’s (Pitney Bowes) development environment for web based applications and solutions.

First Element is specialist in building and developing MapXtreme based applications and has created additional functionalities to the standard MapXtreme options. For example: drawing and changing objects, advanced thematic mapping and Google/Bing/Here Maps as background. In the Netherlands, the high quality PDOK maps are suitable as map tiles.

About MapXtreme:

  • Develop your own Geographical based applications, for desktop and/ or web.
  • Easy development by PB’s integration with the Studio.Net development environment of Microsoft.
  • Interoperability by integrating the MapXtreme technology with spatial and IT industry standards.
  • New development tools with additional features to develop flexible applications. You can have one single application for multiple users with different users for both light viewers as well as geo-specialists.

Contact Sander Keehenen (+31 6 34131737 / for inquiries.