Nieuwe features van MapInfo Pro 12.5

MIPro_in_64_bitsMicrosoft Office 2013

MapInfo Pro now works with Microsoft Office 2013. You can open and save your data to Office 2013 Excel and Access files, and embed maps into Office 2013 Word documents. Searches in a Table List window are now more discrete, using all of the terms that you enter in the search box instead of the entire phrase. A search will find any table alias that matches any of the terms (separated by spaces) that you enter.

New Layout Designer Window

MapInfo Pro provides a new Layout Designer window that will eventually replace the classic Layout window. You can continue creating your layouts in the classic Layout window for printing and distributing maps, or take advantage of some of the enhanced features in the new Layout Designer window. The Layout Designer window contains a live map that you can edit, so that you do not need to toggle between the layout and editing in the Map window. The Layout Designer window shows the map using the printer resolution, so that you know beforehand what your printout will look like.

New Concurrency Setting for Improved Processing

MapInfo Pro provides a new concurrency setting to improve processing speed by running some operations in parallel. When processing objects, you can select how much of the operation to perform in parallel using more than one CPU or processor core. When concurrency is set, MapInfo Pro divides the processing to multiple cores that simultaneously perform the operation. This improves the processing time when buffering an object in a table or selection, and with overlay operations (such as Split, Erase, Erase Outside, Polyline Split, and Overlay Nodes).

By default, MapInfo Pro has full concurrency turned on, but you can select the level of concurrency as a software preference:

  • None – a single processor performs the operation. This option provides the least amount of processing speed.
  • Moderate – 25% of the processors on your system perform the operation.
  • Intermediate – 50% of the processors on your system perform the operation.
  • Aggressive – 75% of the processors on your system perform the operation.
  • Full – all processors on your system perform the operation. This is the default setting MapInfo Pro installs with.
Use Your Microsoft Bing Maps License with MapInfo Pro

MapInfo Pro now lets you use your own Microsoft Bing Maps license. Purchasing a new MapInfo Pro license or upgrading an existing license provides access to Microsoft Bing Maps, a web mapping service, for Bing Aerial and Bing Hybrid maps. These maps are used by the Add Bing Roads to Map and the Move Map to features in MapInfo Pro. Access to these maps is for a limited time (see the MapInfo Professional Install Guide for expiration dates). To continue access after the expiration date, you must keep your MapInfo Pro license on maintenance. This ensures that you can upgrade to the latest version of MapInfo Pro and continue to use the Add Bing Roads to Map and the Move Map to features.

New Option to Switch Cursor Styles

When working in a Citrix XenApp environment, there may be a delay rendering the 32-bit per pixel cursor in MapInfo Pro causing a performance issue. Switching to the 1-bit per pixel cursor corrects this issue.

MapCAD Update

This release updates the MapCAD tool to a new version. This product provides tools that work with MapInfo Pro to create maps that are appropriate for land development and surveying tasks. This update was for continued compatibility with MapInfo Pro and includes no new functionality. The MapCAD tool installs automatically with MapInfo Pro to a subfolder called MapCAD.

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