Solution for crisis situations After some disasters in The Netherlands, such as the fire at Schiphol Oost in 2005 and the fire at ChemiePack in 2011, rescuers were in need of an information system that provides them with actual information about a crisis that is going on. With such a system, rescuers would be able […]

Piechart heatmap in Excel

Excel E-Maps

The GIS viewer in Excel! A report with a map looks much more professional and offers more insight. With our Excel tool E-Maps this is finally feasible, and not only for experienced GIS users. Make an Excel map within a few clicks, Show points based on X and Y coordinates, address or postal codes, Add […]



Distributing hunting permits is time consuming and the supervision on the quality of the formation of the hunting areas often is not carried out correctly. First Element developed software specially  for  the supervision and visualisation of hunting permits. features: import module for a multitude of records from Excel input module for permit records e.g.; name permit holder, cadastral numbers, […]

Here geocoder

MapInfo Here™ Geocoder

Here™ is the new name for Nokia/Navteq, supplier of digital maps and location related data. In exclusive cooperation with Here we developed the MapInfo Here Geocoder. The geocoder gives you the opportunity to place a complete list of addresses on a map within MapInfo Professional. With just a few clicks! Addresses from all over the […]

Hoe veilig is mijn wijk

Crime Information Portal

First Element has built a website on criminal behaviour for the Regional Police of The Hague. The purpose of this site was to inform the citizens on the crime and safety in the neighborhoods and town. The project was a success from the start and the application is currently used by journalists, real estate agents, […]