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Geo Added Value

First Element provides you the Geo Added Value.
We enable companies to get the geographic insight in the company, business, customers and markets with practical software solutions and consultancy.
We call this Geo Added Value.

Geographical analyses

The visualisation of data on a map and small geographical analyses can already be produced in a few clicks. Effortlessly we can produce a reachability analysis, but also a complete location analysis. With this information you can always see if your location still meets the requirements of your target audience.

Go for GIS

Companies and institutions are discovering the profit of geographical information and are using this information to lead there business. Are you curious what a location can do for you target audicence? Then go for GIS!


Using the power of location, enables you to answer the highly important question: Where? Geomarketing is an expression to add the spatial component to your analysis. This supports your operational and strategic descisions.

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Maps & Data

First Element has partner agreements with suppliers of worldwide maps and data. Besides that we also have contact with local suppliers who develop and supply data for a specific country or region. On request we compile datasets for our costumers.

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MapInfo Suite

The MapInfo Location Intelligence Suite lets you create, access, and manage geospatial assets, visualise business intelligence and customer data, and share high-quality interactive maps – faster and easier than ever before.

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Web Applications

First Element developes custome made web based applications. With the most recent technologies we are able to develop geographic analysis and visualisations, but also to add data to a map or to edit data.

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Mobility Challenges

Mobility is key, First Element offers a variety of applications and data for travelling distances and travelling times. Included are drive time matrices, traffic intensity maps and applications for calculations by car, public transport or on foot.

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Desktop & Mobile Apps

First Element developes custom made applications on request as well as on its own initiative. Our specialisation reflects user friendly applications for geographic visualisation and analysis for web, desktop or smartphone.

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