Who We Are

First Element was founded in 1990 as supplier and developer of relational database systems. Since 1994, the focus of the company is mainly in the area of Geographical Information Systems (GIS).
First Element has been partnering with Pitney Bowes (MapInfo) for over 20 years. For our data offering, we have partner agreements with MB-I, Here and Pitney Bowes.
We develop Location Information, Intelligence and Analytics solutions for government and commercial businesses with specialist knowledge in the Police, Retail and Real Estate markets.
First Element is situated in Delft and member of various branch and knowledge organisations such as ICT-Kring Delft, VNO-NCW West and Delft Design.

Do you have a GIS question?

Don’t hesitate to ask. Contact Erik van Hunnik (via e-mail or cal +31 015 219 08 85). We are happy to help you.

Erik van Hunnik, Director

Erik van Hunnik

Knowledge areas

  • Webbased GIS – implementation and development
  • MapBasic and Visual Basic – Application development
  • Geomarketing / Retail solutions: location planning, business planning, sales territory planning and market research analyses
  • Public safety: creating maps and crime analyses solutions for web and desktop
  • Process cadastral information for real estate and project development
  • Corporate Housing Geographical Management solutions