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First Element is convinced that the protection of personal data is essential. That’s why we want to provide clear and transparent information how First Element processes personal data of users . By using our applications, apps and visiting our website, we ask you to agree on our cookie- and privacy policy.


Use of cookies
First Element uses cookies in their websites. This is a small file with information that either is stored on the hard drive of your computer or in your browser session. These cookies are used to collect statistics on the use of our websites. These cookies are necessary for a good functionating website. We use this information to make good decisions regarding designing and organizing the website. Next to that we optimize the usability of the website. Besides this, it is possible for First Element to make personalized offers shown on other websites. For example, if you have visited the website, you may see an offer for products/services of First Element on another site. Next to this, if you use multiple devices, your data is linked to each other. Your data stays anonymous.

Other websites
On the websites of First Element you may find a number of links to other websites. First Element cannot accept any responsibility on how these parties handle your personal data. Please read the privacy statement, if available, of the site you visit.

First Element regularly sends newsletters for our products, to keep you informaed on news regarding those products. By downloading our software/applications from one of the websites of First Element ( / / you agree on receiving emails from First Element. You can always unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the email or by sending an email to First Element, with the subject “Unsubscribe Newsletter” to


First Element offers applications (mobile, web and desktop), which can be used free of charge or for a fee. A number of these applications, work only by using an username and activation code. This data can be obtained through the website or the app itself. While activating an application, your unique device ID and IP address are stored by First Element. This data is used to track that your account is used on only one device. In this way, we can ensure that our services are not misused. However, we only store that something is happening, not what the user enters. Address and location details are never stored.

Use of personal data by third parties

First Element does not allow the use of personal data by third parties for any reason.


If you have questions or comments about our privacy policy or terms of use, please send them to: First Element, Scheepmakerij 11, 2628AA Delft, The Netherlands or send an email to


First Element reserves the right to make changes to the privacy policy and terms of use. We advise you to check this page regularly to stay up-to-date when changes are made. If First Element makes a major change that affects the way in which First Element handles your personal information, we will make this known through a notice on our website(s).

Delft, May 4., 2018