Free MapInfo Viewer

MapInfo Viewer is a free program used for viewing maps and tables in the MapInfo format. Installing and using MapInfo Viewer is free. However you need a Precisly account, which can be created when you install.

Since MapInfo Pro 2019, ProViewer is included in MapInfo and became MapInfo Viewer. During the installation of MapInfo Pro you can choose to install the viewer.

With MapInfo Viewer you can share maps with colleagues. MapInfo Viewer is compatible with all the functionalities of MapInfo Pro 2021 and earlier versions.

The most important functions of MapInfo Viewer are:

  • Open MapInfo maps and tables, for example via a MapInfo Workspace.
  • Print maps, tables graphs and lay-outs.
  • Select objects on maps and tables.
  • Request statistics of selected data.
  • Zoom in or out and move maps.
  • Request information about objects on a map.
  • Measure distances on a map.
  • Place labels in a map window.
  • Move a map window to example Word or Excel.

MapInfo Viewer is also used for viewing land registry property maps, delivered by the land registry.

See the manual for detailed information about MapInfo Viewer

Download MapInfo Viewer for free in the First Element Webshop.

MapInfo Viewer