MapInfo Pro 17 - Sterker, slimmer, simpeler

MapInfo Pro 17

This version of MapInfo Pro emphasises the improvements in map themes, data access, grid lay-out and general usability. Download MapINfo Pro 17 in the First Element Webshop. Are you new to MapInfo Pro? Then watch the introduction videos and get to know the software.


  • Web service for travelling times and geocoding
  • Larger data files
  • Enhanced image quality
  • Unicode support
  • .NET SDK
  • GeoPacket format
  • WMTS 1.0 support
  • WFS 2.0 support
  • FME 2017 support
  • Change the ribbon menu
  • Change the map menu bar
  • Interactive individual value, graduated and varying themes
  • Dynamic themes
  • Shortcut enhancements
  • New welcome screen
  • Fast search screen
  • Lay-out templates
  • Improved alignment with smart helplines
  • Multi-page markup
  • Easy rotation


Improved thematics
  • Themes are now displayed in the layer menu and you can easily enable or disable categories to only mark the data you want to emphasise.
  • A new tab makes it easier to use with thematic maps.
  • There is more choice in standard colour pallets.
  • In themes with single variables, you can now choose to change the theme field without building the whole theme again.
Data- and web services
  • WMTS 1.0: possibility added to read tile sets from WMTS v1.0 servers.
  • WFS 2.0: support added for WFS 2.0.
  • Geopackage: added support for reading, editing and creating GeoPackage-functiontables.
  • FME 2016: Universal data-import updated for the usage of FME 2016.
  • Wrap tables: in most cases you can now wrap tables without changing the current workspace.
  • EasyLoader 64-bit: contains a lot of new improvements and makes use of the same drivers and connections as MapInfo Pro 64-bit.
  • Grids are now created for grid layers, both for continues and classified grid types.
  • There are a few improvements and fixes for the current grid functions like data conditioning, cutting, poly lines, interpolating and grid origin & expanding.
  • Another addition is the multiple options that reduce the pixelation when the map is too zoomed in.
  • Interactive viability line and cross-section: Extract the cell value along a line or poly line or control the visability from a specific point to a goal.
  • Volume: Calculate the volume of a big grid with the help of a various options.
Other Improvements
  • Simplified ribbon-tabs for Home & Map.
  • Settings for grid alignment are now saved in the workspace so that they are saved for the next session.
  • The function “undo” now works in multiple steps for lay-out changes like the adding, removing, moving, and changing the size of the lay-out objects (maps, images, text, etc).