By using the power of location based information Li2a (location, information, intelligence, analytics), you are able to answer a very critical question: Where?
Geomarketing is the term that is used to add a spatial component to your analyses, to support operational and strategical decisions.

Use geo-data and information to determine new locations for shops, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, get a better understanding of shopping behaviour, determine your best customers and more.


Our Geomarketing solutions focus on a number of areas:

Business Mapping
Analyse and visualize target groups, competitors, market information, product- and revenue information on different (geographical) levels. Support your reports with clear maps and add them to your presentations.

Commercial actions and promotions
Map your customer and prospect information to optimize your marketing communications, such as catalogue distribution.

Sales/ Planning optimization
Geographically change your sales by optimizing the sales districts, taking into account different parameters, such as driving times, number of inhabitants or targets.

Strategic Expansion Planning
Geo-information as a elementary part of Expansion planning. Where are my current locations and those of my competitors? Where are potential areas? Where’s the white spots in my network?

Information on Location
Mobile applications can be very well used to communicate through geo-information. Smartphones with a GPS will give access to location based information. Communications with franchisees will be supported by showing actual revenue information, competition data and area information on a map on a mobile device.