Drive Time Matrix

DriveTimeMatrix – DTM A DriveTime Matrix is a table with mutual travel times and travel distances between the centroids of the 4- or 5- digit postal areas. The table can be integrated in existing applications. A matrix with travel times or travel distances can be made to order for specific locations, e.g. between distribution centers and surrounding […]

Maps of the Netherlands

We can deliver postal maps and administrative boundaries on different levels, depending on the needs and application. 4-digit postal map Netherlands 5-digit postal map Netherlands 6-digit postal map Netherlands Other datasets, like consumer and population data, are available on request.

MapInfo Viewer

Free MapInfo Viewer MapInfo Viewer is a free program used for viewing maps and tables in the MapInfo format. Installing and using MapInfo Viewer is free. However you need a Precisly account, which can be created when you install. Since MapInfo Pro 2019, ProViewer is included in MapInfo and became MapInfo Viewer. During the installation […]

PC4 – 4-digit Postal NL

The 4-digit postal map of the Netherlands (PC4) consists of areas for which the four first characters of the postcode delivery points per area are the same. The reference date of the current version is January 2020. The number of 4-digit postcodes in this version is 4,068. We are supplier of various postal data sets […]


Data enrichment with Geo information Data enrichment with geo information such as coordinates and travel times offers so much more inside information. First Element offers geocoding services where we determine the coordinates of your addresses and, if desired, add more data to it. Three customer cases An international retail organisation had collected half a million customer data […]

purchasing power

Purchasing power

The importance of having insight on purchasing power Purchasing power provides insight into customer behavior. Analyzing data from a larger population is very important and interesting for entrepreneurs. Due to the increasing competition in the retail market, it is important as a company to analyze data about the consumer. It is interesting to look at […]


E-Maps Mobility

Insight in cost of mobility within Excel E-Maps Mobility is the new extension of Excel E-Maps. Get insights in the mobility of your workforce. In a few clicks, E-Maps Mobility calculates the travel time and distance for public transport, private transport or as pedestrian. Features: based on Here/Navteq technology, always up-to-date routing network routes are calculated […]

European Maps

European geodata coverage The postal areas and NUTS-areas from different countries within Europe are available per country or as different sets for West-Europe, East-Europe or all of Europe. The detail levels differs per country. Next to the postal areas, we are able to deliver additional maps like background maps, administrative maps and city points. Socio-demographics […]


What is MapBasic?  MapBasic is the application-development environment that comes with MapInfo Professional. It is a complete, BASIC-related programming language that is used to automate functionalities in MapInfo Professional and to create tailor-made MapInfo Professional applications. It is as well an extension on the geographical functionalities and automates repetitive tasks and integrates MapInfo Professional with other applications. […]

MapInfo Pro

What is MapInfo Pro? MapInfo Pro is a desktop software with which you can map your data. An example is the data visualized on a postal map. It is also possible to combine your data with socio-demographic, like population numbers, age structure and the level of income. Take a look at the introduction on YouTube […]