Maps & DataGeo Added Value

There is a large variety of digital maps and (socio) demographic data available. First Element is partner of the world leading maps and data supplier to deliver the best quality and with the best coverage. For specific countires or data request, we have contact with local suppliers. Otherwise, we will find them. Ask us for:

  • vector street data
  • aerial photo’s
  • administrative and postal boundaries
  • demographic data – population, households, agebands
  • socio demographisch – income, spendings, unemployment, welfare
  • retail spending, retail centrality
  • Cresta zones

We deliver in various formats: Excel (XLS, CSV), Esri Shape (SHP), MapInfo Tab (TAB)

For the Netherlands there are different vector maps available with administrative and postal code boundaries. You can purchase the maps separate or as a bundle and they are regularly being updated.


The postal code and NUTS boundaries of different countries within Europe are available per country or as a bundle for either West Europe, East Europe or whole of Europe.


Official boundaries are a necessity to analyze locations for your business. The socio-demographic data offers a valuable input for location planning, marketing campaign and visualisation of their effects.


In today’s competitive retail market, sales, optimization and growth are critical to survival. All businesses need to know where their customers are located and how much disposable income their target groups possesses.


Are you looking for information for your planning and analysis? First Element provides data from all over the world. With data about the spatial distribution of population by sex or age groups, households or unemployment rates, on admin or postcode level.


CRESTA (Catastrophe Risk Evaluation and Standardizing Target Accumulations) is a uniform and global system to transfer, electronically, aggregated exposure data for accumulation risk control and modelling among insurers and reinsurers.


A DriveTime Matrix is a table with mutual travel times and travel distances between the centroids of the 4- or 5- digit postal areas. The table can be integrated in existing applications.


The geocoder offers you in either Excel or MapInfo Professional the opportunity to add a complete list of addresses to a map in just a few clicks. Geocoding provides your address with an x and y coordinaat. The coordinates are necessary for geografic analysis and visualisations. Our geocoding service adds the x and y to your database or enriches your date with correctly written addresses or area information.


Our geocoder offers you the opportunity in either Excel or MapInfo Pro to add just a handful or a complete file of thousands of addresses to a map in just a few clicks. The coordinates can be safed for further use.


Our data is innovative for market segmentation and determination of target groups. We deliver data of various countries. Which consumer style occurs most frequently and where? Our data shows the most prominent consumer style within an area of a particular country.


Global Daytime Population Density gives information about the size of population that is present in a given area during the day. During the day the population in an area differs.



Create a map in Excel in a few clicks. Show points on a map based on X/Y coordinates, address or postal code. Create a thematic map, print or safe it. Your reports provide more insight and look more professional.


E-Maps Mobility is the latest extension of Excel E-Maps. Get insights in travel of your workforce. In a few clicks, E-Maps Mobility calculates travel distance and time for public and private transport or pedestrians.


MapInfo Pro is a powerful mapping and geographic analysis application. By visualising the relationships between data and geography, MapInfo Pro enables you to create, share and use maps by translating data into information.


MapInfo Viewer is a free program to share maps and tables in MapInfo format. With MapInfo Viewer you can open maps that have been created in MapInfo Pro. The viewer is compatible with the most recent version of MapInfo Pro.


MapBasic is the application-development environment for MapInfo Pro. It is free for MapInfo users. MapBasic is a BASIC-related programming language to automate functionalities and create custom made MapInfo Pro applications.


Training & Education

First Element has been offering an extensive training program for MapInfo Solutions since 1994.

Many organisations wish to broaden their knowledge and know-how of MapInfo Pro in a practical environment. Often it works much better if training can be focussed around an actual project.

First Element focusses on in house tailor-made training sessions and workshops. For standard MapInfo training sessions we work in cooperation with Pitney Bowes.

For General GIS sessions, we work together with the Geo-Academie.

Workshop MapInfo Pro

A workshop is an effective and fast method to deepen the knowledge of MapInfo Pro. Attendees may bring their own cases and projects to the session and they will be handled during the workshop. This very efficient way of working will bring new insights, even to the advanced MapInfo Pro user.

Tailor-made training

A training session, specific to the needs & requirements of your organization, can be arranged for a maximum of 8 users, at your office or at our facility in Delft (The Netherlands).

We can offer training sessions in MapInfo Pro for starters as well as advanced users.

The first day of the training session will start off with the basics of the software and the second day will be used for practical examples that are based on your specific situation and your data.

Workshop MapAnalyse

With the introduction of MapAnalyse version 6, we have had many requests for a workshop for new and existing users. Based on the different requests, we have developed a short workshop.

Workshop MapInfo Crime Profiler

Pitney Bowes has developed a 1-day training for Crime Profiler. The training is developed for existing MapInfo Pro users.

• Working with crime data in MapInfo Pro.
• Creating hotspot Maps.
• Interactive statistical analyses.
• Complex time analyses.

Workshop MapInfo Drivetime

This 1 day training has been developed for analysts working with MapInfo Pro and the Drivetime module. With exercises, the attendees will learn how:
• To create drive time catchment boundaries.
• Created shortest or quickest route.
• Calculate delivery times.
• Understand what distance your customers travel to your locations.
• Create maps of the fastest, most efficient route networks.

Workshop MapBasic

First Element offers workshops for the programming language of MapInfo Pro, MapBasic. With MapBasic you are able to automate actions, uniform the output and simplify the usage of the software. The workshop is to help you to learn the MapBasic language to perform these automations yourself. First Element can also develop an application/ automation for you.


MapInfo Pro tailor made2€ 1.360 per day, fee for a group up to 4 pers
MapInfo Basic or Advanced training2€ 975 per person
Workshop MapInfo Pro1€ 1.360 per day, fee for a group up to 4 pers
Workshop MapInfo DriveTime1€ 1.360 per day, fee for a group up to 4 pers
Workshop Crime Profiler1€ 562 per person
Workshop MapAnalyse½€ 382 per person
Workshop MapXtreme1€ 1.360 per day, fee for a group up to 4 pers
Workshop MapBasic1€ 1.360 per day, fee for a group up to 4 pers

Prices are exclusive of 21% VAT (01/2015)